Arantia Rubra



Personalized facial treatment and intoxicating couple massage

The couple’s massage is a real ritual that allows you to share an unforgettable experience with a person close to us. It helps to stretch and relax the muscles and to regain the energy lost after a demanding period. The personalized facial treatment with exclusive high-performance products gives an extraordinary sensation of freshness, compactness and immediate relaxation. You can let yourself go in the certainty of being in good hands and having a wonderful holistic experience that will revitalize your skin and your body.

50 minutes


D-tox face, body scrub and decontracting massage

After the stress of traveling or after long hours of work, there is nothing you want more than this special package: a purifying and regenerating facial treatment that counteracts irritation caused by stress, overwork, pollution, inadequate lifestyle and wrong diet. It is carried out with relaxing maneuvers and products made to obtain maximum effectiveness, giving new radiance to dull and tired skin. The exfoliating body treatment with its slight abrasion, removes dead cells from the surface layer of the epidermis and the final decontracting massage lasting 45 minutes is a real cure-all able to reduce muscle tension and stiffness.

90 minutes


Thalasso anti-age face-eyes and body remise en forme

A real recovery of the psycho-physical form for anyone who decides to fill up on pure energy obtained from the seabed. The richness of the active ingredients of the land of Brittany, enclosed in precious elements such as the refreshing algae mask, pure salt, mud and flavored oil for an ocean journey that purifies, hydrates and revitalizes totally. This treatment promotes the natural balance of the soul and body and the unconditional abandonment to a pleasant experience of pampering and lightness.

100 minutes


Anti-stress facial treatment, sublime cocoon for feet and four-hand massage

The feeling of feeling “four hands” allows you to relax and let your mind go. This massage, lasting 40 minutes, is like a harmonic dance on the body interpreted by two operators who act in synchrony on the five senses and offer double physical and mental relaxation. Prolonged well-being with the personalized facial treatment and with the soft cocoon foam that intensely hydrates and regenerates the feet immersed in an enveloping cocoon that gives an extraordinary feeling of protection, as if they were “Feet in the Clouds”.

70 minutes


Dermatological facial treatment, sublime foot cocon and prenatal massage

The program, specially designed for the expectant woman, starting from the 4th month of pregnancy, takes into account the peculiarities and the different changes that occur in the expectant mother. The facial treatment, selected for you, balances the altered skin and improves any imperfections that could occur due to the action of pregnancy hormones. The sublime cocoon on the feet and the 45-minute massage promote relaxation, invigorating both physically and mentally.

100 minutes


Méthode Mosaïque Modelante and d-tox face, anti-aging eye treatment, sublime cocoon hands and deep relaxation massage

A 360° wellness solution for the face and body. With the iconic Méthode Mosaïque Modelante you can indulge in the luxury of an ultra-personalized anti-aging treatment par excellence. Once the skin needs are identified, the face is treated with exclusive 100% manual remodeling techniques which, combined with the sculptural properties of the inimitable mineral-based thermo-active mask, will make your skin more radiant, revitalized and with an immediately visible lifting effect. Thanks to the sublime cocoon moisturizing and regenerating treatment, the hands are placed in a soft foam that gives a pleasant sensation of comfort, as if they were “Hands in the Clouds”. Finally, a deeply relaxing 45-minute body massage to end a truly luxurious experience for yourself.

130 minutes

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