Arantia Rubra



Treat yourself to this moment of gestures carried out by expert hands that work on a specific part of the body to give inimitable comfort. The treated area relaxes and the daily stress disappears. You can choose between an anti-wrinkle and anti-stress face-head massage to regenerate, firm and lift the contours of the face and to give immediate relief even to those suffering from headaches, a cervical-back relaxation to relieve muscle tension, an anti-fatigue legs for reduce swelling and the feeling of tiredness and heaviness that can occur after a hectic day or a pleasant foot reflexology to give well-being to the subject treated in its entirety.

30 minutes


Personalized aesthetic total body massage (draining or anti-cellulite or toning) carried out with different manual techniques that are adopted according to the morphological characteristics, needs and sensitivities of the person. With the help of essential oils and specific rapidly absorbed products, it improves skin and subcutaneous imperfections because it stimulates microcirculation with a consequent reduction in water retention and cellulite and also tones the tissues, preventing skin aging. The result is a visibly firmed and reshaped silhouette.

50 minutes


Relaxing par excellence, this massage has the power to put you in contact with yourself, refining the listening to your body and emotions. Indicated in all situations where peace and serenity are needed because it stimulates the production of endorphins and because it dissolves psycho-physical tensions, even improving the quality of sleep and promoting a perfect reunion between mind, body and soul.

30 minutes | 45 minutes | 60 minutes


Its goal is to dissolve contractures, which can occur for many causes (posture, incorrect movements, physical effort or intense training). The commonly affected areas are the back, shoulders, neck and legs. The massage is based on muscle pressure and stretching that improve the elasticity of the tissues, reduce lactic acid and promote the flow of blood to the muscles, giving a feeling of immediate relief.

NECK AND BACK: 25 minutes

TOTAL BODY:  45 minutes | 60 minutes


The Californian massage helps to find and maintain the balance between these different realities that are part of our being. The maneuvers are performed in a slow, fluid and enveloping way following the energy points and the centers of the nerve endings. A relationship of “trust” is created with one’s body and senses, thus also increasing self-esteem and the relationship with others. For this reason it is recommended in cases in which there are states of psycho-physical tension, anxiety of non-pathogenic origin, insomnia, difficulties in relating and accepting one’s body, especially on a psychological level.

60 minutes

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