Arantia Rubra



Ritual de purification Dos
Deep back cleansing
70min. € 80,00
Exfoliant Dos
Back Peeling
15min. € 25,00
Exfoliant Corps
Body Peeling
30min. € 40,00
60min. € 65,00
Soin relaxant jambes
Detoxing or toning up bendages for legs and feet. Benefic applications will give you an amazing wellness experience. It can be fresh method for the summer and a warm one for the winter.
30min. € 45,00
Soin relaxant dos ou abdomen ou jambes
Mud therapy for the back or abdomen or legs
40min. € 40,00
Soin relaxant Corps
Body mud therapy
60min. € 60,00
Soin antioxydant oceanique
Detoxing treatment with body peeling, mud therapy and relaxing massage. Sea active principles make a global treatment for your body, It remodels your curves and and gives you extraordinary feelings of relax. Peeling precious algae extracts, the pack and the massage oil result being a detoxify method for your body. This “antioxidant oceanic trip” helps the natural balance of your soul and body and let yourself live a beautiful experience of being cuddled and well treated. The result is like having spent few days on the beach.
90min. € 130,00



Soin complexe modelant corps
Termo-active mold for legs and gluteus
60min. € 100,00
Soin complexe modelant corps
Termo-active mold for abdomen or buttocks
60min. € 70,00
Soin complexe modelant buste
Termo-active mold for breast. A firming treatment for your brest that brings it back to its best form.
A refining peeling with the right combination of specific products lend the skin a totally new tone, After having done this treatment you’ll feel like wearing an invisible bra, the treatment that gives your breast support and the firmness that it needs. Its self-heating goes deep inside the skin and allows the active principles to be well absorbed.
60min. € 70,00
Soin complexe modelant bras
Termo-active mold for arms with concentrate active principles for your arms that give them a visible tone on the biceps part. The special technique adopted for doing the Modelant Masque application donates relaxing sensations on the nape and back muscles. The season of short sleeves is absolute welcomed.
50min. € 55,00
Soin peel-off remineralisant
Specific treatment for skins with imperfections
60min. € 65,00



Soin drainage d-tox
Anticellulite detoxing treatment
60min. € 90,00
Soin minceur naturelle
Slimming and anticellulite treatment
60min. € 90,00
Soin fermetè tonifiant
Bracing and revitalizing treatment
60min. € 90,00

Soin Complexe Modelant Mains
An anti-aging and tensing effect for a soft handshake .
Under the deep-acting of a self warming mineral mask, the active ingredients ensure extraordinary results. The addiction of a specific serum optimises the result by contrasting age spots.
Hands become smooth and beautiful looking like remodelled.

Soin Cocon Mains
A totally cuddle therapy which donates you smoothie and delicate hands. It deeply cures and relax them, reinforces nails and eliminate tobacco odour. After having had a peeling and a efficient Concentre, the skin is enveloped in a soft foam mask which gives you an amazing, protective and sensual effect.

Soin Cocon Pieds
A cuddle-therapy that regenerates, moisturizes, gives relax to your feet and reinforce nails.
After a delicate peeling the skin is enveloped in a soft cocoon of foam that donates you an incredible sensation of protection. This treatment includes also a restful massage.

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