Arantia Rubra

Facial treatments


For a more radiant and detoxified skin, we recommend the holistic D-tox by Maria Galland Paris. This 100% manual deep cleansing ritual is suitable for all skin types.

It combines highly effective innovative products to instantly remove dead cells, absorb impurities, free pores and promote cell renewal while preserving the integrity of the three great pillars of the epidermal ecosystem, that is a balanced microbiome to protect the skin from external invasions, a ph normal to preserve hydration and a strong and healthy hydrolipidic barrier. An exclusive beauty method that allows the skin to breathe again.

30 minutes


Our dermatological treatment programs free the skin of impurities, pigmentation, redness and dryness. These four skin conditions reveal the presence of a skin imbalance and can be treated with targeted remedies, restoring and strengthening the natural epidermal balance. Each treatment offers a treatment regimen tailored to the skin condition you want to counter. The highly calming and nourishing ingredients are the key to restoring harmony to your skin.

70 minutes


This algae treatment refreshes, revitalizes and gives the skin intense and concentrated hydration. Suitable for all skin types and for anyone who wants to receive a real recharge of energy from the bottom of the sea. Every trace of tiredness is like swept away, a perfect little holiday for the skin!

60 minutes


Do you have an intense life, full of energy and always give your best? In order for the skin to keep up with this dynamic and demanding lifestyle, we recommend this extreme shine treatment. It invigorates tired skin, minimizes the first signs of aging and gives a fresh youthful glow. Yes to skin and radiantly beautiful life!

60 minutes

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