Arantia Rubra

Facial treatments


Ritual de purification
Deep facial cleansing
65min. € 70,00
Soin les essences galland a’ la carte
Customized facial treatment(anti-rides, régénération,peaux sensibles,hydratation clarifiant, revitalisant)
30min. € 40,00
50min. € 70,00
60min. € 80,00
Soin Lumin’ Eclat
Illuminating and oxygenating treatment
60min. € 80,00
Soin Thalasso
(Tendresse, Réveil Clarté, Activ’Age)
Moisturizing, balancing and refrigerant treatment. The power course of treatment from the sea. A re-freshing algae masque that tones up the skin and gives it a long-lasting hydration.
60min. € 85,00
Soin Cocon
(Hydratant, Fermetè, Regeneration, Activ’Age)
Antistress and rivitalizing treatment with soft foam.  An anti-stress treatment totally made for your well-being and relaxation. A soft foam mask will envelop your face like a cocoon. Ideal for any type of skin that would love to be cuddled.
60min. € 85,00
Soin Masque Modelant
(Regeneration / Tendresse / Réveil Clarté)
A long-proven self-warming mineral masque based on the deep acting, available in three variations: effective anti-ageing care, intense moisture and regulating treatment for blemished skin.
75min. € 100,00



Soin Thalasso Mille Hydratant
Moisturizing, balancing and refrigerant luxury treatment.
A long-lasting Hydrating treatment, it helps to re-stablishing and refrigerating the skin at the same time.
60min. € 100,00
Soin Lift’Expert
Lifting and firming treatment
60min. € 90,00
Soin Masque Modelant Activ’age o Mille Hydratation
Luxury termo-active mold immediate lifting effect with mosaic technique. An exclusive treatment with a self-warming masque, made for an optimum hardening of the skin and an immediate anti- aging effect.
75min. € 115,00
Soin Mille Lumière
Regenerating and anti-age luxury treatment
Two masks and the most superior products to contribute significantly in reducing wrinkles, regenerating and firming the skin.
75min. € 115,00



Soin Hydra Lift Yeux
Moisturizing and lifting treatment for eyes
A cooling and refreshing treatment made for hydrating, softing and lighting up the skin of the eye zone, It refines small wrinkles and eye sockets. The active principles are situated in the precious apple stem of the cell extract.
20min. € 25,00
Soin Masque Modelant Yeux o Levres
Remineralizing and anti-aging treatment for lips or eyes:
A full effect under the cooling of the mineral masque, a ri-mineralizing and moisturizing treatment for your lips;
– A modellant masque with a tensor effect, specific for the eye zone. The thin and sensible skin of the eye zone results firmed and refined. Traces of stress and tiredness are swiped away, eye sockets are incredible attenuated.
30min. € 50,00



Soin Impuretes
Ideal for impure skin
70min. € 90,00
Soin Pigmentation
Ideal for spotted skin
70min. € 90,00
Soin Rougeurs
Ideal for reddened skin
70min. € 90,00
Soin Secheresse
Ideal for dry skin
70min. € 90,00



Soin Pre Solaire
Pre-tanning treatment
60min. € 85,00
Soin Apres Solaire
Moisturizing and soothing after sun treatment
60min. € 85,00



Soin Homme Hydratant
Moisturizing and anti-age face treatment for man
An anti-aging treatment which gives men’s skin extraordinary sensations of freshness.
R.T Arctic, an energetic active principle by Homme Galland that protects the skin from stress and environmental conditions, It gives also an intense moisturizing effect skin’s men.
50min. € 70,00
Soin Homme Thalasso
Moisturizing, balancing and refrigerant for man.
The power course of treatment from the sea. This pure masque of freshness tones up men’s skin and gives it a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Every trace of tiredness is as if wiped away, the perfect getaway break for the skin!
60min. € 85,00


Add to your facial treatment an extra cuddle:

  • Soin Hydra Lift Yeux € 15,00
    Moisturizing and lifting treatment for eyes
  • Soin Masque Modelant Yeux o Levres € 25,00
    Remineralizing and anti-aging treatment for lips or eyes
  • Soin cocon mains € 25,00
    Hands moisturizing and nourishing treatment with soft foam

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