Arantia Rubra


Forget the stress of everyday life in the new and enveloping Arantia Rubra Mediterranean Wellness.

Our wellness program includes access to sauna, steam room, maxi jacuzzi with neck-massaging waterfall, emotional shower, rustic shower, chromotherapy, tea corner and halotherapy with pink Himalayan salt wall.

Our courtesy kit includes a bath towel and a pair of disposable slippers. The use of a swimsuit is mandatory.

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Maxi jacuzzi with neck-massaging waterfall NEW!

Water is the origin of all things. Exploiting the principles of hydrotherapy, together with those of massage therapy, our jacuzzi offers a micro pressurized water massage that stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. The new neck-massaging waterfall is directed to the neck and shoulders, helping to release the accumulated tension in the upper part of the back while also relaxing the lower part.


A dry heat bath that helps to dilate the pores in order to facilitate  toxins elimination through sweating and muscles relaxing, favoring a complete psychophysical well-being. It alternates with cold showers to increase immune defenses and improve circulation.

Steam room

It belongs to the ancient tradition of purifying baths. It is a detoxifying and anti-stress steam bath with very high humidity. It promotes skin cleanliness and brightness, helps to eliminate toxins, stress, rheumatic pain, muscle tension and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Emotional shower

Two jets of hot and cold water. The hot water consists of a tropical rain cascade with a dense jet and the cold water of a vaporization of nebulized water. All combined with the benefits of chromotherapy and aromatherapy. It is recommended after a sauna or a steam room session.

Rustic shower NEW!

The suggestive wooden bucket evokes the ancient after-sauna ritual. A single session to be alternated with the sauna or the steam room contributes to intensely and quickly refresh the body. The instant revitalizing action helps restoring correct blood circulation and the correct oxygenation of blood vessels, while also strengthening the immune system.

Herbal tea corner and halotherapy with pink Himalayan salt wall NEW!

It is the ideal place to sip an herbal tea, which helps restore a correct water balance after sweating. The bright pink Himalayan salt wall has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Halotherapy, or salt therapy (from the Greek word meaning “salt”), is very ancient: salt-charged air improves breathing and is beneficial to those who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma. At the same time, the light emitted with its amber muffled and warm tones has a positive effect on the individual: according to the principles of chromotherapy, the orange color has beneficial and liberating properties on the physical and mental capacities, since it is able to induce serenity, optimism, and greater body-mind synergy. The orange color recalls the glow of the sun, which is a source of life and energy.

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